Is life black and white in Bali?

Is life black and white in Bali?

I see black and white checkered sarongs everywhere in Bali. These pieces of cloth are draped over trees, statues, and worn by people in ceremonies.

– Nice fabric – I say quietly, and look for the next attraction.

– However, this pattern has deep meaning – I hear.

The old lady is standing next to me.

– Black and white check symbolizes dualism in life – she says – Good and evil, brightness and darkness are building our life together and it is OK, if they are in balance.

– No! – I say – It’s not OK. Life should be good and only good. We need to make our world perfect.

Old lady smiles gently. And that’s the moment when I’m getting to understand why I feel sense of peace here in Bali.

Idealistic view on life is tempting, but this is a dream that can be never fulfilled. When you reconcile to idea life can’t be perfect, harmony comes to your soul.

That’s why I feel good in Bali. Even if sometimes I feel bad.

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